A brief Measure of Impairment in Youth: The Work and Social Adjustment Scale – Youth and Parent Version (WSAS-Y/P)

Our international team from London and Stockholm has recently published the youth version of the popular WSAS, which is a very well known and widely used measure of impairment, however, thus far only available for adults. The WSAS for youth was developed by David Mataix-Cols and colleagues at the King´s College in London, translated by our team in Sweden and evaluated in a Swedish and English sample of youth. The WSAS is a self-rated scale of impairment in 5 areas of everyday life and is now available as a youth version (WSAS-Y) and parent version (WSAS-P).

Attached to the original article, which is now published in the peer-reviewed journal Child Psychiatry & Human Development, you find the Swedish and English versions of the scale, each psychometrically validated in clinical samples in Sweden and UK. The scales can be used free of charge. Copyright applies according to the Creative Commons regulation and the following reference should be used in clinical and research contexts:

Jassi, A., Lenhard, F., Krebs, G., Gumpert, M., Jolstedt, M., Andrén, P., Nord, M., Aspvall, K., Wahlund, T., Volz, C., & Mataix-Cols, D. (2020). The Work and Social Adjustment Scale, Youth and Parent Versions: Psychometric Evaluation of a Brief Measure of Functional Impairment in Young People. Child Psychiatry & Human Development. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10578-020-00956-z

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